Wilton Park holds a conference RUSSIA AS GLOBAL PARTNER: RECIPE FOR SUCCESS OR EMPTY SLOGAN? on 15 – 18 February 2007. The event is supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; in association with the Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House. Main topics for discussion are: What are Russia’s aspirations as a global player? What impact on Russia’s strategic priorities and relations with the CIS, NATO and the EU? What are the lessons of recent elections and the prospects for future Presidential ones? How will political change in Russia affect the pace of economic reform, business and the energy sector in particular? What progress on governance issues? What concerns underpin debate on sovereignty and identity? For more information please contact Adela Gooch, Programme Director, Phone +44 (0) 1903-81-7680, email: adela.gooch@wiltonpark.org.uk For a registration form please contact Christina Cornwell-West, Administrator, +44 (0) 1903-81-7687, e-mail: christinacornwell-west@wiltonpark.org.uk

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