Among the broader range of threats that face the current security environment, terrorism, WMD proliferation, illegal trafficking, and organized crime are major challenges facing the Black Sea countries.

Moreover, although still under debate, the threat convergence appears to become a new emerging challenge in itself. It is this particularity of the security environment in the XXI century that requires a common approach among the countries in the region. In order to effectively tackle common threats, governments correlate national policies in the field, building upon existing regional cooAperative endeavors. Furthermore, states must engage in innovative thinking to curb the ability of non-state actors to proliferate dangerous items and technologies.

As part of these efforts in addressing regional security challenges, the seminar strives to foster synergy among the countries in the region for curbing and preventing the WMD proliferation in the Wider Black Sea Area.

The participants - relevant international organizations, NGOs and governmental representatives - will debate recent evolutions related to major challenges to security in Black Sea Region, focusing on those related to WMD proliferation.

The event will last one and a half day and will be structured in plenary sessions and three break-out groups:

Panel I “Trans-national challenges in the the 9/11 terrorist attacks fully illustrated the threat posted by terrorist organizations. This panel will facilitate discussion on particular threats specific to the Black Sea region, placing particular emphasis on the role of non-state actors and possibilities of terrorist and organized crime groups’ access to nuclear-related materials.

Panel II “WMD proliferation and illegal trafficking in the Black Sea region”: This panel will debate main vulnerabilities and risks at regional level related to WMD proliferation.

Panel III „Improving inter-agency coordination and the contribution of NGO’s network”: Participants will discuss the cooperation between national, regional, and international organizations, as well as their interaction with the civil society.

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