The Dynamics of Black Sea Subregionalism


Reviews: 'This bookis by far the most complete and comprehensive presentation to date of theorigins, evolution, current state of affairs and actors involved in the processthat is shaping the identity of the Black Sea regionalism' from the Foreword byAmbassador Sergiu Celac

'Panagiota Manoli's dedication to, and insight on, issues pertaining toBlack Sea regionalism have long been acknowledged by policy-makers andacademics alike. As Europe struggles with renewed introspection, this book is apotent reminder that Europe's most daunting challenges in a fast-changing worldare still very close to home.' FabrizioTassinari, Danish Institute for International Studies; and author of WhyEurope Fears its Neighbors

'For too long, scholars of regional dynamics have lacked a study of theBlack Sea sub region. We now have such a volume thanks to the excellentscholarship of Panagiota Manoli. Systematic in its empirical coverage,attentive to key theoretical debates and insightful in its conclusions, thisimpressive book shows why the Black Sea case is important to both widerdiscussions about regionalism and deeper understanding of the importance ofEuropean integration.' Ben Rosamond,University of Copenhagen, Denmark

'Panagiota Manoli has provided us with a detailed analysis of the changinggeopolitics of the Black Sea, and offers key pointers about the future ofregional cooperation in this strategically vital arena.' Ian O. Lesser, The German Marshall Fund of the United States

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