699th Wilton Park conference - UKRAINE: THE FUTURE – is to be held on Sunday 02 – Thursday 06 February, 2003.

Support for this conference from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Department for International Development, The British Council and the Harvard Black Sea Security Program, Kennedy School of Government is gratefully acknowledged.

Ukrainian side will be represented by a very distinguished political and governmental leaders as well as renowned analysts.

How successful has Ukraine been in developing the democratic process? What are the priorities and difficulties for Ukraine’s EU and NATO aspirations? What criteria should drive Ukrainian foreign policy? What is Russia’s policy towards Ukraine and how is it manifested? What has been the impact of Ukrainian economic reforms at home and abroad – and what are the prospects for the future?

To find the answers please follow:

Wiltona Park's web-site: http://www.wiltonpark.org.uk/
Defense Express' publications: http://defense-ua.com/

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