Several Alumni from Harvard Black Sea Security Program took part in conference THE CASPIAN AND CENTRAL ASIA: STABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT organized by Wilton Park and Eurasia Programme, Judge Institute Of Management, University Of Cambridge National Security program of Kennedy School of Government has become a partner for Wilton Park conference. Our goal is to provide our Alumni ways to participate in international seminars related to their professional interests.

List of Harvard Alumni:


1. Revaz Adamia, Ambassador to the United Nations

2. Mamuka Kudava, Director, Department of USA, Canada and Latin America, MFA


1. Ilgar Kurbanov, Ambassador at Large, MFA

2. Elman Agaev, Deputy Head of Department, MFA

Next Wilton Park conference which will host Alumni from Harvard Black Sea Security Program will take place in March, 2004. The title of the conference - The EU’s New Eastern Neighbours: How Will The EU’s New Policy Evolve?






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