US - Russia Security Program

November 20 – December 2, 2006





European Curriculum

November 20-22, 2006

November 19

1650 Depart Moscow with SN Airlines flight SN 2836

1820 Arrival at BrusselsAirport and transfer to the Jolly Hotel Sablon by NATO bus

November 20    NATO Headquarters

0800 Depart Hotel by NATO bus

0845 Arrival at NATO HQ.  Check in at Security. (! Bring passports)

0915 An "Introduction to NATO and its Structure"

1015 Briefing and discussion on "NATO's Current Political Agenda"

1100 Coffee/tea break

1130 Briefing and discussion on "NATO-Russia Relations"

1230 Lunch in the NATO Restaurant hosted by the Public Diplomacy Division

1415 Briefing and discussion on "NATO's Current Operations"

1500 Briefing and discussion on "NATO-Russia Military Cooperation"

1600 Coffee/tea break

1630 Panel discussion on "Military Cooperation" chaired by Dr Petr Lunak

with the participation of:

- Italian Military Representative

- Lithuanian Military Representative

1730 Meeting with a representative of the Russian Military Representation to NATO

1800 End of program

1815 Depart NATO and return to hotel by NATO bus

November 21 SHAPE

0745 Depart hotel for SHAPE in Mons. Transport by SHAPE bus

0900 Arrival at SHAPE. Group photograph. Security check

0915 Welcome remarks

0920 Briefing on Allied Command for Operations (ACO) Today and The Way Forward, including an Operations Update

1005 Coffee/tea break in the Protocol Lounge

1030 Question and Answer Period

1130 Depart Conference Center for SHAPE Club for lunch

1200 Lunch in the Officers' club hosted by SHAPE

1330 Transfer to the Partnership Coordination Cell (PCC)

1340 Welcome Remarks following by Briefing and Question and Answer Session

1440 Depart SHAPE and return to hotel by SHAPE bus

1540 Arrival at hotel in Brussels


November 22   European Ministers Council of Ministers

0845 In processing Council of the European Union

The Chairman of the EU Military Committee Building (Royal MilitaryAcademy), entrance via black gate, Avenue de Cortenbergh 115, 1040 Brussels.

Welcoming by Officer from Executive Office Major Marco FELICISSIMO (IT).

0915 Introduction

Director for US-Russia Security Program, Dr. Sergei KONOPLYOV and Director for European Policy (Crisis Management Initiative), Dr. Antje HERRBERG.


0935 The European Common Foreign and Security Policy

Briefing by Council General Secretariat (CGS) Policy Unit,

Mr. Christopher HOLTBY (UK), followed by Q&A.

1015 Break

1030 The European Security and Defense Policy and European Military Structures

Presentation by Deputy Director General/Chief of Staff (DDG/COS: EUMS) Admiral Jan G. Van Der Burg (NL), followed by Q&A.

1145 Out processing accompanied by AO EXO FELICISSIMO.

1200 In processing European Parliament

Paul Henri Spaak (PHS) Building, via entrance for Visitor Groups, Rue Wiertz, 1 040 Brussels.

1215 Lunch EP’s Restaurant for Visitors, PHSBuilding.

1345 Photo opportunity

1400 Seminar: “Challenges of ESDP-Russia Relations”

Meeting room PHS 0 C 41.

“The European Security Strategy – Russia’s Role for Security in Europe”

Host speaker Mr. Karl von WOGAU (GER, Christian Democrats)

MEP, Chairman of Subcommittee on Security and Defense.

“Relationships between EU and Russia – an Energy and Security Perspective”

Mr. Reino PAASILINNA (FIN, Socialist Group)

MEP, Vice-Chairman to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

“Commission Contributions to Security”

Mr. Lars-Erik LUNDIN

Deputy Political Director, Head of the Security Policy Unit, European Commission.

“Can the EU and Russia Work Together without Shared Values?”

Mr. Fraser CAMERON

Senior Advisor to the European PolicyCenter and Acting Director for EU-Russia Centre.

1600 End of Meeting.

1857 Departure to London.




November 23  


0800 Depart Hotel for Pitbright

1000 Briefs on training Brig David StJ Homer

1230 Lunch

1330 Visit to Sandhurst training facility, Lt Col Roy Parkinson

1530 In route to Hotel

1845 Formal Dinner at Hyde Park Barracks hosted by Lt Col Ralph Griffin

2230   Return to Hotel


November 24


0845 Visit to career Centre at St George Court, Brief by Col David Allfrey

1030 Transfer to MoD

1045 Operational Update by Maj Alan Mason

1145 Welfare Issues by Col Nick Freeman

1220 Military Police by Maj David Gray

1245 General Staff Briefing Brig William Cubitt - Director of General Staff

12:30 Lunch at King Henry VIII wine cellar

1400 Transport to Hotel

November 25

1230 Departure for the US




Kennedy of Government

November 26 – December 2, 2006

November 26

08:00 Breakfast

10:15 Tour of Harvard

12.30 Tour of Boston

18:00 Orientation to SoldiersField Park and KennedySchool of Government

19:00 Opening dinner

November 27

08:30 Welcome

09:00 Soft and Hard Power, Joseph Nye

11:00 Nuclear Terrorism, Graham Allison

14:00 FBI and Armed Forces, Chris Peet and Thomas Sarouf

15:30 Harvard Yard

November 28

08:00 Study groups

09:00 Implication of 2006 Elections, David King

11.00 Russian Military Doctrine, Gen. Mazurkevich

14.00 South Asia, Xenia Dormandy

17.00 Harvard Shop

November 29

8.00 Study groups

9.00 US-Russian Relations, General Evgeniy Buzhinskiy

11.00 Nuclear Proliferation, Ashton Carter

14.00 Middle East Security Overview, Chuck Freilich

19.00 Russian Dinner and Banya

November 30

8.30 Study groups

11.00 Presentation: Russian Military Reform, General Anatoliy Mazurkevich

14.00 US Foreign Policy in Eurasia, David Kramer

15.30 Special Operations, Frank Kearney

19:00 Boston Bruins vs. TampaBay

December 1

8.00 Study group presentations and discussion

9.00 Presentation: US Security Policy in Eurasia, Jim MacDougall

11.00 J5 Strategic Update, Gen John Sattler

14.00 Presentation: US Policy in the Caspian, Steven Mann

15.30 Award of certificates

18.00 Forum event: John Negroponte

19:00 Closing dinner

December 2

9.30 Otis Air National Guard Base (Russian participants only)

18:05 Departure to Moscow

List of Participants

1. Major-General Sergei Alexeev

Head of Department

Main Economics and Finances Department

Ministry of Defense


2. General-Major Valeriy Bratischenko

Deputy Chief

Air Force Main Staff

Ministry of Defense


3. Lieutenant Commander William (Bill) Charamut II


Assistant Naval Attache, Moscow, Russia

Defense Attache Office

US Embassy Moscow


4. Major-General Dmitry Chicherov

Deputy Head

Main Department of General Staff

Ministry of Defense


5. Major General Andrew Davis

US Marine Corps

Deputy Commander

US Marine Corps Forces Europe


6. Major General Dmitry Dreval

Head of Department

Main Staff of Logistics

Ministry of Defense


7. Colonel Douglas Gregory

US Air Force


International Relations Division


8. Colonel Michael Homan


Air Attache, Moscow

Defense Attache Office, US Embassy



9. Brigadier General Michael Jones

US Army

Deputy Director, Strategic Plans and Policy

The Joint Staff


10.Dr. Daphne Kamely

US Army

Special Asst to DASA

Environment, Safety and Occupational Health


11.Colonel Vladimir Kamenskiy

Deputy Head of Direction

Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation

Ministry of Defense


12.Rear-Admiral Vladimir Katsyuba

First Deputy Chief

Navy General Staff

Ministry of Defense


13.Colonel Elena Kniazeva

Head of Department



14.Major-General Vladimir Kondratenko

Deputy Head of Main Department

Ministry of Defense


15.Major-General Nikolay Konischev

Head of Department

Space Troops

Ministry of Defense


16.Brigadier General Darrell Moore

US Marine Corps

Commanding General

Marine Corps Mobilization Command


17.Colonel Konstantin Moskin

Deputy Head of Direction

Main Directorate of International Cooperation

Ministry of Defense


18.Major-General Victor Muray

Head of Direction

Main Operative Department

Ministry of Defense


19.Major General Thomas Owen

US Air Force

Commander, Warner Robbins Air LogisticsCenter

Air Force Material Command


20.Brigadier General Mark Owen

US Air Force

Deputy Director Stategic Security (A3S)

Headquarters USAF


21.Brigadier General (S) James Poss

US Air Force

Director Intelligence

Air Combat Command


22.Col (P) Michael Repass

US Army

Deputy Commander

Special Operations Command Europe


23.Brigadier General (ret) Kevin Ryan

US Army

Senior Fellow

BelferCenter for Science and International Affairs

JFK of Government, HarvardUniversity


24.Colonel Vyacheslav Sedov

Head of Press Service

Ministry of Defense


25.Colonel Anatoly Sharonov

Deputy Head of Department

Main Department

Ministry of Defense


26.Mr. Mohan Singh

US Army

Regional Business Director

US Army Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division


27.Major-General Vladimir Sukhanov

Deputy Head of Main Department

Ministry of Defense


28.Mr. Edward Walters

US Army

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army

DASA for Strategy nd Performance Planning (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)


29.Major General Alexander Yakushin

First Deputy Chief

General Staff, Space Troops

Ministry of Defense


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