US - Russia Security Program

November 21 – December 3, 2005





European Curriculum

November 21-23, 2005




November 20


17:54        Arrival to Brussels and transfer to "Scandic Grand Place" Hotel in Brussels by

                 SHAPE transport.  




November 21                                     SHAPE


0800         Pick up at the "Scandic Grand Place" Hotel in Brussels by SHAPE transport.    

                 Escorted by Warrant Officer 1 Reemt Janssen, GE A, SHAPE Protocol

0900          Visitors arrive at SHAPE Berlin Gate and escorted to SHAPE Main Entrance

0915         Welcome remarks by General Rainer Schuwirth, GE A, Chief of Staff

0920         Briefing: "ACO Today and The Way Forward to include an Operational   Update", presented by Colonel Petr Velehradsky, CZ A, Chief of Resources                      

                 Planning Section in the Management Branch, J6

1005         Coffee/Tea Break in the Protocol Lounge

1030         Question and Answer Period chaired by Mr. Steve Covington, US Civ,           

                 Special Advisor to SACEUR also attended by:

                 Commander (N) Steve Krotow, US N, J3

                 Major Norman Litterini, US A, POLAD

1130         Depart Eisenhower Conference Centre for SHAPE Club (SC) escorted by SHAPE Protocol

1200         Luncheon in the SHAPE Officers'Club Hainaut Room hosted by Mr. Steve Covington, US Civ, Special Advisor to SACEUR also attended by:

                 Major General Alexander V. Fillipovich,

                 Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Fedorov,

                 Major Litterini

                 Warrant Officer 1 Janssen

1330         Visitors escorted to Partnership Coordination Cell (PCC)

1340         Welcome Remarks by Brigadier General Stefan C. Oprea, RO           Director Partnership

                 Coordination Cell (DDPCC) followed by the Briefing          

                 presented by Colonel Marius Craciun, RO AF, Chief Programme & Analysis  

 1440        Briefing "National issues" presented by Major General Alexander V.      Fillipovich, RUS A, Chief Russian Military Office at SHAPE

1500         Depart and return to Brussels by SHAPE transportation




November 22                                     NATO Headquarters



0800         Depart Hotel by NATO bus

0845         Arrival at NATO HQ Check in at Security. 

0915         An Introduction to NATO and its structure by Dr Petr LUNAK, Senior Programme Coordinator, Public Diplomacy Division

1015         Briefing and discussion on NATO's Current Political Agenda by Mr Robert PSZCZEL,             Press Officer, Public Diplomacy Division

1100         Coffee/tea break

1130         Briefing and discussion on NATO's Current Operations by Mr Mihai CARP, Crisis Management Policy Section, Operations Division

1230         Lunch in the Restaurant hosted by  Mrs Monique TUFFELLI-PIERRE, Head of Outreach Countries Section, Public Diplomacy Division

1430         Briefing and discussion on NATO-Russia Relations by Mr Paul FRITCH, Head of Russia and Ukraine Relations Section, Political Affairs and Policy Division

1515         Introductory remarks by Brigadier General Marek OJRZANOWSKI, Deputy Assistant Director, Cooperation and Regional Security Division, International Military Staff,

                 followed by a briefing on NATO-Russia Military Cooperation by Colonel Herbert DANZER, Head of Russia/Ukraine Branch, Cooperation and Regional Security Division

1600         Coffee/tea break

1630         Panel discussion on Military Cooperation chaired by Mrs Monique TUFFELLI-PIERRE

                 with the participation of:

                 -  Italian Mil Representative Vice Admiral SANFELICE DI MONTEFORTE

                 -  Lithuanian Mil Representative Brigadier General  MAŽEIKIS

1730         Meeting with Col. Sergei ISAEV and Col. Alexander BOBROV, Russian Military Representation to NATO





November 23             European Ministers Council of Ministers


10:15               Delegation departs for EU Building DEMOT 24

09:30               “The European Common Foreign and Security Policy” by Mr. Dusan Chrenek, Deputy Head of Task Force Policy Unit

10:30                Coffee Break

11:00               “The European Security and Defense Policy and European Military   Structures” by Brigadier General Lennart Bengtsson

12:15               Departure to Brussels Midi train station

17:56               Departure to Ashford

18:34               Arrival to Ashford

20:00               Dinner at Imperial Hotel in Hythe



November 24                                     OPTAG



08:30               Depart Hotel

09:00               Arrive Lydd Ranges, Lydd, Romney Marsh TN29 9JR

09:15               Operational Training Advisory Group Briefing on OPTAG

10:15               Judgmental training demonstration by Senior NCO  Sgt Colley

10:45               Public Order training 1 Black Watch Regiment by Capt HP Jellard

11:30               Range briefing by Range Officer Maj P O’Reilly

12:30               Depart OPTAG

13:00               Roast Beef Lunch at Woolpack Inn

14:15               Depart to London

16:30               Arrive to Trafalgar Thisle Hotel

18:00               Informal Dinner at Browns

21:00               Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys


November 25                                     Ministry of Defense




09:00               Arrive to MoD

09:20               Introduction by First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West

09:30               UK Peace Support Operations by Commander Rob Dunn,             

10:30               MOD Generic Brief by Maj G V Baker RE – Policy and Defence Relations  

11:15               General Staff Briefing Brig William Cubitt  - Director of General Staff

12:30               Lunch

13:30               UK Military Training and Education by Col Christopher Tickell

14:15               UK Operations Update by  Air Vice Marshal Chris Nickols

15:30               Unit Visit - Honourable Artillery Company

18:00               Formal Dinner at IISS


November 25


16:00               Departure for the US







Kennedy School of Government

November 27 – December 3, 2005



November 27


21:35               Arrival


November 28


08:00               Breakfast

10:15               Tour of Harvard

12.30               Tour of Boston

18:00               Orientation to Soldiers Field Park and Kennedy School of Government

19:00               Opening dinner


November 29


08:30               Welcome

09:00               Presentation:  Preventing Nuclear Terrorism, Graham Allison

11:00               Presentation:  South Asia, Xenia Dormandy

14.00               Presentation:  Intelligence Reform, Ernest May



November 29


08:00               Study groups  

09:00               Presentation: Iraq, Gen. Vincent Brooks

11.00               Presentation:

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