The Assembly’s purpose is to found the international association for national and regional monitoring of civil control issues in the BSCR countries. Foundation members are NGO centers and national think tanks, which represent key regional actors, namely Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. The point is to combine the efforts to increase public awareness of the importance of democratic control in the national security sphere. Absence or low level of democratic control creates serious challenges to national and regional security and effective governance.

The conference’s agenda consists of three main tracks.

Session 1 - Problems and Perspectives of the Implementation of the Effective Democratic Control in the BSCR

Chair: Prof. Alexander Goncharenko (President, CISSS, Ukraine), who presents the Collaborative Pilot Project “Black Sea-Caspian Democratic Control Consortium”, accompanied by broad discussion attended by:

Arif Yunusov, Azerbaijan, Institute for Peace and Democracy;

Mr. Hrachya Galstyan, Armenia, South Caucasus Institute for Regional Security, Expert;

Ph.D.Velizar Shalamanov, Bulgaria, George C. Marshall Association;

Ph.D. Nika Chitadze, Georgia, International and Security Research Center;

Nicu Popescu, Moldova, Center for European Studies, Director;

Nicu Sava, Romania, Assistant professor, Bucharest University;

Ph.D.Аysegul Аydingun, Turkey, Middle East Technical University, Assist. Prof).

 Session 2 - Democratic Control and Civil Authority Over Policy Implementation Experience in Ukraine and Leading World Democracies.

Chair – Prof. B.Parakhonsky.

Interventions: Ph.D.Sergei Konoplyov, Harvard Univ. Black Sea Security Program, USA. Prof. Piotr Dutkiewisz, Institute of European and Russian Studies, Carleton Univ., Canada; Prof. Boris Parakhonsky, CISSS, vice-President; M.G.(ret.) Vadim Grechaninov (Ukraine), President Atlantic Council of Ukraine; Vira Nanivska, International Center for Policy Studies (Ukraine), Director; Prof. Andriy Zelnytsky , Institute “ Garant Quali” (Ukraine), Director.

 Session 3 - Consideration and Approval of the Consortium Founding Documents

Chair- Serhiy Yeremenko – Assistant director, Harvard Black Sea Security Program.

The session looks at the program of the Consortium’s future activities and adopts the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board of the Consortium.

Press release

28 November 2004


On 27 November 2004 the Constituent Assembly of the “Black Sea-Caspian Region Democratic Control Consortium” took place in Kiev, Ukraine. It was initiated by Center for International Security and Strategic Studies (CISSS, Ukraine). The Assembly, hosted by Center for Perspectives Studies (13-А Pimonenko St., Kiev, Ukraine), supported by International Renaissance Foundation (East-East Program: Partnership without borders), and in cooperation with Harvard Black Sea Security Program, intended to found an international association of national and regional monitoring of the democratic control (DC) in the Black Sea-Caspian region (BSCR).

The Consortium was founded by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and national analytical centers that represent major regional players, and namely – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine. The Consortium’s purpose is to unite the NGOs’ efforts to increase the level of DC in the sphere of national and regional security. Absence or insufficient level of DC creates serious challenges to security and establishing effective self-governance in the region.

A newly created Consortium is a next step of the international program: “BSCR: Challenges to Security and DC”, which the CISSS, along with other BSCR NGO-partners, purposefully implements since February 2003. In the format of this Program, supported by NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine, Ukraine hosted the international seminar “DC over national security system: spreading NATO values in the Euro-Atlantic space” (Odessa, Ukraine, May 2003) as well as the representation conference “Ukraine in the BSCR: security challenges and DC (Sevastopol, Ukraine, 2004). An electronic version of the monograph containing briefings of the seminar’s participants, and other information materials are found at CISSS site:

The Assembly was launched by the introduction speech of the CISSS President, Professor Alexander GONCHARENKO (Ukraine). Participants were greeted by: Kamil HAMAS, Generel Secretary of the Netherlands delegation of the Social-Democratic fraction, the European Parliament; Vadim GRECHANINOV, President, Atlantic Council of Ukraine, Major General (Ret.); Vira NANIVS’KA, Director, Center for Perspective Studies. The speakers emphasized a remarkable role of DC in the process of realizing democratic transformations in BSCR countries as well as that the Consortium might play a significant role to support stability and security, integration of regional countries into European and Euro-Atlantic structures. The gests included journalists and diplomats, in particular from Romania and the US.


SESSION 1 “Problems and prospects of implementing effective DC in BSCR” was opened by Professor GONCHARENKO (Ukraine), who presented the International pilot project “DC Consortium in the BSCR”.

The project was discussed by Doctor Arif YUNUSOV (Institute for Peace and Democracy, Azerbaijan), Grachiy GALSTYAN (South Caucasus Institute for Regional Security, Armenia), Doctor Velizar SHALAMANOV (George Marshall Association, Bulgaria), Doctor Nika CHITADZE (Center for International and Security Studies, Georgia), Veaslav BERBEKA (Center for European Studies, Moldova), Theodore KERNAT (Center for Conflict Prevention, Romania), Doctor Ayzegul EYDINGAN (Assistant Professor, Near East Technical University, Turkey). Discussions also involved Professor Rauf HUSEINOV (Institute for Strategic Studies, Azerbaijan), Antuanetta HRISTOVA (George Marshall Association, Bulgaria), Akakiy DVALI (Georgia), Doctor Pol DUTA (Institute for International Studies, Romania), Professor Anatoly KACHINSKY (National Institute for National Security Problems, Ukraine), Professor Boris PARAHONSKY (National Institute for International Security Problems, Ukraine), Vira NANIVSKA (Director, International Center for Perspective Studies, Ukraine).

The represented project is a first stage of comparative researches of various social strata’s aims towards DC as well as the level of perception of the idea of civilian control over national and regional security in BSCR countries. Participants believe that the creation of new institutionalized structure – the International BSCR DC Consortium – is a logical step to consolidate BSCR NGOs’ efforts to support democratic transformations in the region.

SESSION 2 discussed the issues of “Democratic control and authorities: experience of Ukraine and leading global democracies” (chaired by Professor PARAHONSKY). The discussion was joined by: Serhiy YEREMENKO (Assistant Director, Harvard Black Sea Security Program, USA), Professor Boris PARAHONSKY (National Institute for International Security Problems; Vice President, CISSS, Ukraine), Major General (Ret.) Vadim GRECHANINOV (President, Atlantic Council of Ukraine), Dr. Andriy IVASHCHENKO (Director, Scientific-research Center for Defense Technologies and Military Security, Ukraine), Professor Andriy ZELNITSKY (Center for Perspective Studies, Ukraine), Dr. Lubov GLEBOVA (CISSS; National ‘Kiev-Mohila Academy’, Ukraine), Oleh KOKOSHINSKY (Head, Executive Committee, Ukraine-NATO League).

SESSION 3 (chaired by Serhiy Yeremenko) had considered and adopted the Consortium’s founding documents, among which were: the Statute and the Principles of the Consortium activities’ management. Participants had signed these documents. The staffs of the Executive Committee and Advisory Board as well as the Future Activities Program of the Consortium had been adopted.

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