On this occasion, PfP Consortium, the National Defense University of Washington (USA) and the Institute for Political Studies of Defense and Military History of Bucharest (Romania), with the support of the Austrian National Defense University will launch a new initiative within PfP Consortium, namely the Greater Black Sea Area Working Group (GBSA- WG).

The international seminar and the reunion of launching the new PfP Consortium Working Group will be organized between the 29th of January – the 1st of February, 2006. The event will take place in Bucharest, at the National Military Club.

The working languages will be English and Russian, with Russian and English translation.

PfP Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes and “George C. Marshall” Center, representatives from NATO HQ, EUCOM, EU, DCAF, experts and decision-makers of the littoral sates (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Russian Federation, Ukraine), USA, UK, Austria and other willing EAPC members will be invited to Bucharest to take part to both scientific reunions.

For other details, you may contact the secretariat of the seminar at the following address:

6 Constantin Mille Str., Sector 1, Bucharest

C.P. Carmen Rijnoveanu

tel: +4-021-315 17 00,

fax: +4-021-319 58 01

e-mail: carmen_sorina@yahoo.com

Cpt. Darie Dasu

tel: +4-021-313 17 00, fax +4-021-319 58 01

e-mail : darie_d@yahoo.com

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