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    (20-24 APRIL 2002)
    April 20Arrival of the participants to OTOPENI Airport
    April 21Visit to Bran Castle
    Visit to Peles Castle
    April 22Message from Adrian Nastase, Romanian Prime Minister
    Mr. George Cristian Maior, Secretary of state and Head of Euroatlantic Integration and Defense Policy Department;
    Mr. Sergey Konoplyov, representative of Harvard University
    Stability in South East Europe: regional challenge vs. continental challenge-Mr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Regional Emissary of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
    SECI - a new form of cooperation in South Eastern Europe - Major General Alexandru Ionas, director of the SECI Centre
    BLACKSEAFOR (Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group) -Example Of Regional Military Cooperation - Cdr. Mircea Nica, Navy General Staff
    Cooperation within PfP and SEEI; the role of NATO, PFP and SEEI in regional crisis management - Mr. Burak Ackapar representative from International Secretariat NATO
    Consequences Of NATO And EU Enlargement For The Regional Cooperation - Mr. Silviu JORA, director of Cooperation and Comunication with Member and Candidates States Directorate, Ministry of European Integration
    Consolidating Democracy And Rule Of Law In The Black Sea Area Countries - Mrs. Raduta Matache, director of the NATO Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Security Perceptions And Sensitivities In The Region: Commonalities and Differences - Mrs. Emel Gulden OSMANCAVUSOGLU, Haccettepe University
    Official dinner hosted by the Secretary of State and Head of Euroatlantic Integration and Defense Policy Department on behalf of the Minister of National Defense at Stana Turistica Restaurant
    April 23The Reform of the Security Sector in the Riparian States- Mr. Mihnea Motoc, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    The Future of the Security Environment in the Region; New Strategic Risks- Mr.George Cristian Maior, Secretary of State and Head of Euroatlantic Integration and Defense Policy Department
    SEDM - A Model of Regional Cooperation - Mr. Ovidiu Dranga, Under Secretary of State and Deputy Head of Euroatlantic Integration and Defense Policy Department, Chairman of SEDM-CC and PMSC
    In House Black Sea Peacekeeping - Ambassador Sergiu Celac, Chairman of Romanian Institute for International Studies
    Closing remarks- Mr.George Cristian Maior, Secretary of State and Head of Euroatlantic Integration and Defense Policy Department
    April 24Departure
    Harvard University
    (April 24, 2002 - 4 May, 2002)
    April 24Arrival
    April 25Program Overview. Speaker: Sergei Konoplyov
    Presentation: "The Global Strategic Environment" - Samuel Huntington
    Welcoming Lunch in Allison Dining Room - University Marshal Richard Hunt
    Presentation: "US Energy Interests in the Region" - Steven Mann
    April 26Presentation 'Russia and the Black Sea" - Stephen Blank
    Presentation 'Russia in the Region" - Ambassador Jack Matlock
    Lunch in Allison Dining Room. Presentation 'NATO Expansion" - Bruce Jackson
    Country Presentations
    April 27Presentation 'Regional Strategic Perspectives" - James Sherr
    Preparation for Coalition Leadership exercise
    Tour of Boston
    April 28Free time
    April 29Presentation: 'Intelligence and the War on Terrorism' - Ernest May
    Presentation: 'Terrorism' - Louise Richardson
    Working Lunch. Presentation "The Revolution in Military Affairs" - Stephen Rosen
    Presentation 'Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Black Sea Region" Steven Miller
    April 30Presentation: "Defense Transformation" - Ashton Carter
    Presentation: "American Foreign Policy and the War on Global Terrorism" -Graham Allison
    Coalition Leadership Exercise - Michael Watkins
    May 1Presentation 'Economic Transitions" - Marshall Goldman
    Presentation 'International Trade" - Robert Lawrence
    Presentation: "Global Economic Perspectives" - Richard Cooper
    Study Groups presentations
    May 2Presentation: "Strategic Priorities in the Caspian Basin" - Geoffrey Kemp
    Presentation: Global Issues in Light of 9/11 and the War on Terrorism" - Paula Dobriansky
    Working Lunch with Mira Ricardel.
    Defense Ministers Forum: David Tevzadze, Georgia; Armen Kirakossian, Armenia; Victor Gaiciuc, Moldova; Victor Bannikh, Ukraine
    Defense Ministers Forum: Discussion.
    May 3
    Presentation 'Military Reform and Civil-Military Relations" - James Sherr
    Presentation 'Prospects for the Region" - Vladimir Socor
    Presentation 'Rethinking the Region's Strategic Significance after September 11" - Stephen Sestanovich
    Award of Certificates
    DoD-Harvard Black Sea program Washington, DC
    (4-8 May, 2002)
    May 4Arrival to Washington, DC
    May 5Work with Embassies
    May 6National Security Council Brief "Regional Policy / Energy and Conflict in the Caucasus / Caspian Energy" - Matt Bryza, Director for European and Eurasian Affairs. White House Conference Center,
    US Congress Brief with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Staff "Legislative Perspective on the Black Sea Region" - David Merkel, Senior Staff Member, United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    May 7CSIS Russia/Eurasia Program, Caucasus Project, and Harvard University Seminar
    Introductory Remarks, John Hamre, CSIS President and CEO
    The United States View on the Black Sea Region and its Security Challenges
    Moderator: Zeyno Baran, Director, CSIS Caucasus Project and Georgia Forum
    Keynote Speaker: Ambassador William Taylor, Coordinator for U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia, U.S. Department of State
    Panel Discussion: Regional Security and Cooperation Challenges, Moderator:
    Celeste Wallander, Director, CSIS Russia/Eurasia Program
    Key Challenges for the Black Sea Region - Bruce Jackson, President, U.S. Committee on NATO
    Black Sea Region priorities from the perspective of the United States Congress - David Merkel, Senior Staff Member, United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    Energy Security for the Black Sea Region - Evelyn Wheeler, Economics and Commercial Officer, U.S. Department of State
    May 8Departure


    Boris PARAKHONSKIYHead of Department, National Institute of International Security
    Nikolay DOROSHENKODeputy Head of Department, Council of National Security and Defense
    Col. Sergei USTINOVDeputy Head, Military Scientific Directorate, General Staff
    LTC Victor BOCHARNIKOV, Ph.D.Senior Researcher, National Defense Technology and Military Security Scientific-Research Center of the Armed
    David DARCHIASHVILICenter for Civil-Military Relations and Security Studies
    Col. Aleksander MCHEDLISHVILIChief of Staff, Office of the Secretary of
    Rezo ADAMIAMember of Parliament
    Colonel Semion RUSUDeputy Director of Security and Information Service
    Arcadie BARBAROSIEDirector of Public Policy Institute
    Colonel Gheorghe POPADeputy Minister of Defense
    Colonel Arcadie IURCODeputy Chief of the General Staff
    Major General Basentzi AZOYANHead of Department, Armed Forces Main
    Colonel Armen SARGSYANDefense Attache to the US
    Ms. Sossi TATIKIANHead of Euroatlantic Partnership Division of the Department of Arms Control and International Security, MFA
    Ms. Marine DAVTIANHead of Policy Analysis Division of the Policy Planning Department MFA
    Ilgar KURBANOVAmbassador at Large, MFA
    Ilgar MAMMADOVChief of Foreign Policy Planning and Strategic Studies Department, MFA
    Col. Nagaf GAMBAROVDeputy Commander of National Defense Academy, Head Strategic Security Courses Major-General
    Rafic GUSEYNOVChief of Staff of Artillery, MoD
    Colonel Kancho Dimitrov KIROVChief of Division, MoD
    Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Georgiev VRAYKOVSenior Assistant at the Office of the Chief of Defense, Bulgarian Armed Forces
    Lt. Col. Gheorghe SAVUChief of Military Intelligence and Cooperation
    Maj. Cristina MAGUREANCoordinator Secretariat South-East European
    Akif OKTAYHead of the Department at the General Directorate for Political Planning
    Ibrahim AKINChief of Strategy and Force Planning Section, Turkish Navy
    United States
    DARDEN, James WilliamMajor General, Director of Mobilization for Reserve Component Affairs, United States European Command
    RISHER, Paulette McDermottBrigadier General, Commander, 353d Civil Affairs Command, Bronx, NY
    GORDON, William F.Brigadier General, Vice Director, J8 (USACOM), USACOM/J14, Norfolk, VA
    GORENC, Stanley (Stan)Brigadier General, Commander, 9th Reconnaissance Wing,
    JONES, Walter I.Brigadier General, Director, J6 (JFCOM), USCINCJFCOM/J6
    Norfolk, VA
    PORTELA, JoseBrigadier General, Military Assistant to Vice Commander, AFRC, HQ AFRC/CV, Robins AFB, GA
    RADUEGE, Jr.Harry D. Lieutenant General, Director, Defense Information Systems Agency, DISA/D ,Arlington, VA
    FIELDS, ArnoldMajor General, Deputy Commander, Marine Forces Europe
    CORTRIGHT, Stephen P.Major General, The Adjutant General, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    ERES, Thomas W.Major General, Special Assistant to the Adjutant General, California Army National Guard, Sacramento, California
    INGRAM, William E.Major General, The Adjutant General, North Carolina
    WOFFORD, William D.Brigadier General, Deputy STARC Commander, Arkansas Army National Guard, Conway, AR
    Andrew TarutzDepartment of State
    Irene FirsowDepartment of State
    Julia EricksonDepartment of State
    Julia NossovaDepartment of State
    Sergei YeriomenkoDefense Express
    Olga MalikovaUkraine

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