Not only ships need to be arrested - an expert on sanctions against 50 ships that entered the ports of Crimea

Ukrainian transport analyst Maxim Gardus commented on the arrest imposed by Ukraine on 50 ships that entered the ports of the Russian-occupied Crimea.

“It seems to me that it is necessary to prosecute not only the ships themselves, but also the shipowners and related companies. This in-depth approach is used by the United States in its sanctions against the construction of the Russian "Nord Stream 2". The restrictions apply not only to the facility itself, but also to the vessels that build it, as well as insurance and other companies that serve it,” – the expert noted.

He explained why it is important to apply such sanctions. 

“The owner of a ship that goes to Crimea may have other ships that go to other countries – accordingly, the sanctions against the shipowner will be more effective. Also, Ukraine would not hurt to extend the restrictions to insurance companies that service calls to the ports of Crimea, and to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping itself, which uses Ukrainian ships seized in 2014,” said Gardus.


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