Crimean Tatars are the main factor in Turkey's non-recognition of the occupation of Crimea - US General

Lieutenant General, Former Commander of US forces in Europe Ben Hodges believes that Turkey should be an obligatory participant in the "Crimean Platform", and he called the Crimean Tatars "the main factor" that forces the Turkish leadership not to recognize the Russian occupation of Crimea.

“I think President Zelenskiy's platform is important. And Turkey is exactly the country that should be part of this platform. Because among all the countries in the region, Turkey has its own interest. And these are the Crimean Tatars. And this is perhaps the main factor that made President Erdogan publicly declare that he does not recognize the occupation of Crimea and that he supports Ukraine, ”Ben Hodges said. 

What strategy Turkey will choose and who else will join the "Crimean Platform" will become known in May, when the first summit of the new negotiating platform will take place. The Ukrainian side insists on holding the meeting live, and not online.



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