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    Brussels, NATO
    (November 26 - November 29, 2000)
    November 26Arrival
    November 27Programme and Briefings followed by lunch hosted by SHAPE
    Depart SHAPE for a short visit of Waterloo
    November 28An Introduction to NATO
    Presentation and discussion on NATO's Political Agenda
    Presentation and discussion on the NATO-Ukraine Strategic Partnership
    Update on the Situation in Kosovo
    Meeting with the Secretary General
    November 29Departure
    Harvard University Harvard Ukrainian Security Program
    (November 29, 2000 - December 9, 2000)
    November 29Arrival
    November 30Program overview. Speakers: Ernest May / Nancy Huntington
    Presentation 'Ukraine - US Relationship'. Speaker: Sherman W. Garnett
    Presentation 'Ukraine - US Strategic Relationship'. Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Starr
    Welcoming lunch: University Marshal Richard Hunt
    Presentation 'The Global Strategic Environment'. Speaker: Samuel Huntington
    December 1Presentation 'Ukraine's Regional Security challenges'. Speaker: Sherman W. Garnett
    Presentation 'NATO, PfP, OSCE'. Speaker: Richard A. Falkenrath
    Lunch Speaker: Ambassador William Miller
    Delegates Presentations on Regional Security Priorities. Speakers: Sherman W. Garnett, Miller, Commentators
    Presentation: U.S. Foreign Policy in the New Administration. Speaker: Dr. Stephen M. Walt
    December 2Presentation 'The revolution in Military Affairs'. Speaker: Dr. Stephen Peter Rosen
    Presentation 'Executive - Legislative Relations'. Speaker: David King
    Tour of Harvard and Boston
    December 3Trip to Crane's Beach
    Trip to Burlington Mall
    December 4Presentation 'A framework for National Security Decision Making I'. Speaker: Robert Blackwill
    Presentation 'A framework for National Security Decision Making II'. Speaker: Robert Blackwill
    Lunch Speaker: Roman Szporluk (Presentation 'Ukraine and the US: Cultural Dimensions')
    Presentation 'Defense Organization and Management'. Speaker: Ashton Carter / John P. White
    December 5Presentation 'Ballistic Missile Defense'. Speaker: Steven E Miller
    Presentation 'Defense review and reform'. Speaker: Edward Warner
    Presentation 'Managing Change'. Speaker: Zimmerman
    Ukrainian Armed Forces Day Celebration
    December 6Presentation 'The Changing Global Economy'. Speaker: Dr. Richard Cooper
    Presentation 'The evolution of Economic Reform'. Speaker: Dr. Marshall Goldman
    Lunch Speaker: Challenges of Intervention. Speaker: Toft
    Presentation 'The evolution of economic reform II'. Speaker: Dr. Marshall Goldman
    December 7Presentation 'Political Economy of Transition: States, Markets and Civil Society'. Speaker: Saich
    Presentation 'The Uses of Intelligence'. Speaker: Ernest May
    Presentation 'Russian Futures'. Speaker: Allison
    December 8
    Final Presentations by Delegations
    Presentation 'Defense Policy Formulation'. Speaker: Dr. Michael Deutch
    Lunch Speaker: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
    December 9Closing Ceremony Certificate Awards
    IISS-Harvard University IV Annual Seminar Ukrainian and Eurasian Security Programme International Institute for Strategic Studies London
    (13-15 December, 2000)
    December 13Arrival
    Guided Tour of London
    Reception at the Ukrainian Embassy (60 Holland Park), hosted by H.E. Ambassador Vassylenko
    December 14Opening Remarks. John Chipman, Director IISS, Malcolm Haworth, Director CEE, UK MOD
    Seminar "Developments in European Defence Policy - Implications for Eastern Europe and Eurasia".
    Session One: The origins of European Security and Defence Identity: political and institutional dimensions. Chair: Terence Taylor, Assistant Director, IISS
    Session Two: European Defence Capabilities: ambitions and constraints
    Session Three: Does European Defence Policy enhance security for Eastern European and Eurasian states?
    Meeting with at the Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    Reception hosted by the Director of IISS Dr. John Chipman Arundel House (IISS), 13-15 Arundel Street
    December 15Visit to RMA Sandhurst (Round table meeting at the Conflict Studies Research Centre and visit to the RMA graduation parade)
    December 16Departure


    List of Participants
    Ukrainian Participants
    Belov, Alexander FiodorovichDirector of National Institute for Strategic Studies, Head of Delegation
    Malev, Valeri IvanovichAdvisor to the President on Issues of Military Complex
    hical, Adam VasilievichDeputy Head of Committee of Supreme Rada of Ukraine on Issues of National Security and Defense, Lieutenant-General
    Boiko Yuri VolodimirovichHead of Department of the Center of Strategic Planning and Analysis of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
    Ivaschenko, Volodimir IvanovichDeputy Minister of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    Gnatsov Oleg Georgievichhead of Department of Problem Analysis of national Security, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
    Belous, Victor PetrovichState Expert of Military Policy Department, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Colone
    Palamarchuk, Anatoli VasiliovichHead of Department of Defense of Cabinet of Ministers, Major-General
    Zubarev, Valeri VolodimirovichDeputy Minister of Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine
    Povazhniuk, Volodimir GavrilovichChief of Internal Troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Major-General
    Litvin, Mikola MikhailovichDeputy Chief of Internal Troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Major-General
    Nechkhaev, Serhiy MikolaiovichDeputy Senior Inspector of the First Inspection of Military Structures of the General Military Inspection under the President of Ukraine, Major-General
    Matvienko,Victor MikhailovichDeputy Director of Institute of International relations of Taras Shevchenko National University
    Dolgov, Igor OlexiovichActing Deputy Head of Department of Political Analysis and Planing of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Lossovskiy, Igor EvgenovichHead of NATO Section of Department of European and Transatlantic Integration of Ministry of Foreign Affaires
    Dziubak, Mikola PavlovichDeputy Chief of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major-General, Deputy Head of the Delegation
    Gnatenko, Lev MikolaiovichChief of Staff Department of Armaments of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General
    Rusnak, Ivan StepanovichDeputy Chief of General Staff on Issues of Science, Chief of Military-Scientific Department of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major-General, Doctor of Military Science
    Telelim, Vasil MaksimovichChief of Central Scientific and Research Institute of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major-General, Doctor of Military Science
    Kaminskiy, Valeri VitaliovichChief of Staff, First Deputy Chief of Anti-Aerial Defense of Ukraine, Major-General
    Shevchuk, Volodimir SergeiovichChief of Logistics of Ground Forces of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major-General
    Neschadim, Mikola IvanovichChief of Main Department of Military Education of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major-General
    Yudakov, Victor OlexandrovichFirst Deputy Chief of Main Operative Department of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel
    Grinenko, Olexander IvanovichFirst Deputy Chief of Main Operative and Mobilization Department of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel
    Muntian, Valeri IvanovichChief of Main Economic Department of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ph.D., Colonel
    Shapoval, Vasil AndreiovichChief of Educational Department of Academy of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ph.D., Colonel
    Chikalin, Volodimir StefanovichObserver of newspaper "Governmental Herald"
    Bilan, Vasil OleksandrovichEditor in Chief of "Army of People", Newspaper of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Colonel
    Kovalenko, DmitroMinistry of Foreign Affaires
    Gubarenko, Olexander RudolfovichMinistry of Defense
    Eriomenko, Serhiy VolodimirovichCenter of Strategic Planing and Analysis of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

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