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    WEU Institute for Security Studies in Paris
    (November 26, 1998 - November 28, 1998)
    November 26Arrival
    November 27Introduction - Guido Lenzi
    Presentations related to European Security Situation. Speaker I: Fraser Cameron (RELEX planner, DG1A, European Commission)
    Presentation: 'The European Union's role as a security actor'. Speaker II: Jean-Marie Viriot (Director, WEU Military Staff).
    Presentation: 'WEU s operational capacities and development'. Speaker III: Marco Carnovale (Political Affairs Division, NATO): NATO's changing role in European security
    Presentation 'Ukrainian Security Situation'. (2 presentations: 'Ukrainian military doctrine and military reform')
    Presentation: Ukrainian-Western European Security Cooperation. Speaker: Stephan De Spiegeleire (Research Fellow, WEU-ISS)
    November 28Departure
    Harvard University Harvard Ukrainian Security Program
    (November 29, 1998 - December 9, 1998)
    November 28Arrival
    November 29Bus tour of Cambridge and Boston
    November 30Program Overview. Speaker: Ernest May
    Presentation 'The US-Ukraine relationship'. Speaker: Franklin C. Miller
    Presentation 'US National Security Priorities'. Speaker: Franklin C. Miller
    Opening Lunch (Speakers: Dean Joseph Nye, University Marshal Richard Hunt)
    Presentation 'Global Strategic Context'. Speaker: Samuel P. Huntington
    Presentation 'Ukraine and the world'. Speaker: Sherman W. Garnett
    December 1Presentation 'Post-Cold War Deterrence'. Speaker: Stephen Peter Rosen
    Presentation 'The Revolution in Military Affairs'. Speaker: Stephen Peter Rosen
    Ukrainian National Security Priorities. Ukrainian presentations
    Presentation 'The Global Economy'. Speaker: Richard Cooper
    Presentation 'Ukrainian Economic Security'. Speaker: Jeffrey Sachs
    December 2Presentation 'Ukraine and Central Asia/Islam'. Speaker: Graham E. Fuller
    Presentation 'Global trends in Civil - Military Relations'. Speaker: Michael Desch
    Lunch with National Security Fellows
    Presentation: 'Ukraine and Europe: NATO, PFP and OSCE'. Speaker: Ambassador Robert Hunter
    Presentation 'Global Geopolitical Trends'. Speaker: Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Reception: Ukrainian Research Institute
    December 3Presentation 'Policy Formulation: The Uses of Intelligence'. Speaker: Ernest May
    Presentation 'Policy Formulation: The Kennedy Tapes'. Speaker: Ernest May
    Lunch (Speaker: Marshall Goldman. Presentation: 'The evolution of economic reform')
    Presentation 'US National Security Strategy Formulation'. Speaker: Michelle A. Flournoy
    Presentation 'Problems of national Security Policy Formulation'. Speaker: Richard Darman
    December 4Ukrainian Economic Security Priorities. Study Group Reports. Marshall Goldman, discussant
    Tour and Briefings. Naval War College.
    Tour of Newport
    December 5Presentation 'Executive - Legislative Relations I'. Speaker: David King
    Presentation 'Executive - Legislative Relations II'. Speaker: David King
    December 6Tour of Lexington/Concord
    December 7Presentation 'Executive - Legislative Relations'. Speaker: James R. Locher
    Presentation 'Roles of General Staffs'. Speaker: John C. Peppert
    Lunch Talk. Presentation: 'Ukraine and NATO: Building a Secure Partnership'. Speaker: Ashton Carter
    Presentation 'Military Professionalism'. Speaker: Charles Moskos
    Presentation 'Peacekeeping'. Speaker: Abram Chayes
    December 8Presentation 'Reform of the US Military after Vietnam'. Speaker: Nicholas Krawciw
    Presentation 'Ukraine and the United States: Cultural Dimensions'. Speaker: Roman Szporluk
    Presentation 'Challenges in Decision Making and Military Professionalism Ukrainian and US Participants'. Speakers: Nicholas Krawciw, Terry Scott, John C. Reppert
    December 9Departure
    Harvard Ukrainian National Security Program DOD Follow-on Program Washington D.C.
    (December 9, 1998 - December 12, 1998)
    December 9Arrival
    December 10Panel: Senate and House Armed Services Committee. Theme: 'US - Ukrainian Relations'. Conducted by staffers and CRS
    Brief by DOD Representative offices on Hill. Theme: Role of DOD Liaison offices and congress
    Panel: Senate Foreign Relations and House International Relations. Theme: 'Congressional Perspective on US - Ukraine Relations'
    Tour of Capitol and Supreme Court
    Army Brief 'Planning Today for Tomorrow s Realities'
    Pentagon Tour
    Meeting with ASD Warner
    December 11Briefing/Discussion with Mr. Jack Segal, Ukrainian Desk Officer, National Security Council
    White House Tour
    December 12Tour Selected Washington Monuments
    The Second Ukrainian National Security Seminar Cosponsored by International Institute for Strategic Studies (London) and Harvard University s Ukrainian National Security Program (USA). London
    (December 14, 1998)
    December 12Arrival
    December 13Opening Remarks. Speakers: Col. Terence Taylor, Assistant Director IISS, Oksana Antonenko, Research Fellow, IISS, Sergei Konoplyov, Director, Harvard UNSP Stephen Pollard, Director Central and Eastern Europe, UK MOD, FCO Security Policy department representative
    Presentation: 'Re-assessing Post Cold War Security environment and the new tasks of National Armed forces'. Speaker: Col. Terence Taylor, Assistant Director, IISS
    Presentation 'Strategic Defence Review: new tasks for the British Armed forces'. British Speaker: Jon Day, Director Defence Policy, UK MOD
    Presentation: Ukrainian National Security Concept and Program 2010: setting objectives for the national military reform. Ukrainian Speaker: Victor Bondarenko, Deputy Director of National Institute for Strategic Studies, Head of the Delegation
    Presentation: 'Economic and Social Aspects of Military restructuring' Speaker: Oksana Antonenko, Research Fellow IISS
    Presentation: Ukrainian Military reform: economic and social challenges Ukrainian Speakers: Major-General Youri Boot, Chief of Strategy Department of Armed Forces Academy of Ukraine
    Presentation: British Responses to Economic and Social challenges of professional Armed Forces. British Speaker: Col. Terence Taylor, Assistant Director of IISS, Editor The Military Balance
    Meetings with representatives of the UK Ministry of Defence and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    December 14Departure


    Harvard University 1998 Participant List
    Major General Robert W. BarrowChief of Staff, California Air National Guard
    Rear Admiral John J. BepkoDeputy Commander, Military Sealift Command, US Navy Colonel
    Serhiy Vasylovitch BytsoukChief, Coordination and Control Branch, Disarmament and Military Cooperation, General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine
    Commander Sergiy Pavlovich BlizniukovAdmiral-Inspector of the Ukrainian Navy Deputy General Inspector of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Victor Alexeevich BondarenkoDeputy Director, National Institute for Strategic Studies of Ukraine, Head of the Delegation
    Major-General Youri Ivanovich BootChief Strategy Department of the Armed Forces Academy of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Brigadier General Roger A. BradyDirector, Plans and Programs, Headquarters United States Air Force Europe
    Major General John W. BrooksVice Director for Logistics, Joint Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff, United States Department of Defense
    Volodimir Oleksiyovich ChumakovDeputy Minister, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
    Mikola Ivanovich DrachukHead, Department of Financing for Military and Law Enforcement Units, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
    Irina Geogievna DubskayaDeputy Editor in Chief, Newspaper Fakti
    Sergiy Pavlovich GalakaVice-President, Ukrainian Center of International Political Studies, Institute of International Relations, Kiev State University
    Valentina Andreevna GashowskaSecretary, Committee on Foreign Relations and Contacts with the CIS, Supreme Rada of Ukraine
    Major General Bobby G. HollingsworthVice Commander, Marine Forces Pacific United States Marine Corps
    Major-General Valeri Stepanovich KartavtsevFirst Dean of the Academy of the Security Services, Security Service of Ukraine
    Vadim Yurievich KrushinskiyProfessor of International Relations and Foreign Policy Institute of International Relations, Kiev State University
    Eduard Ivanovich KuznetsovDeputy General Director, National Space Agency of Ukraine
    Major-General Grigoriy Borisovich MarchenkoChief of the General Staff Deputy Commander, National Guard of Ukraine
    Ivan Yourivech MarkoHead of the Main Financial Department, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Lieutenant-General Mikola Mikolayovich MatiukhChief, Organization and Mobilization Department, General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Andriy Yaroslavovich MelnikSenior Consultant, Department of Foreign Policy Administration of the President of Ukraine
    Major-General Oleksander Grigorovich MelnikovDeputy Chief, Department of State Border Protection, Border Guard Troops of Ukraine
    Volodimir Vasilovich MukhinDeputy Head of the Committee on Issues of National Security and Defense, Supreme Rada of Ukraine
    Brigadier General Eric T. OlsonAssistant Division Commander-Support 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized), United States Army
    Major-General Igor Mikolayovich PloskonosDeputy Head, Department of Defense, Mobilization and Law Enforcement Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    Youri Volodimirovich PolurezActing Chief of the Department of Military Control and Military-Technical Cooperation, Chief of Section, Multilateral Disarmament Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
    Major-General Volodimir Mikhailovich PorodkoChief, Investigation Department Security Service of Ukraine
    Brigadier General Guido J. PortanteDeputy Commanding General-Maneuver 40th Infantry Division, California National Guard
    Oleksander Volodimirovich PotekhinDirector, Center of Peace, Conversions and Conflict Situations
    Major-General Petro Iosipovich ProtsikDeputy Chief of General Staff Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Head of Military Delegation
    Sergiy Yakovich RomenskiyHead of Department, National Bureau of Investigations of Ukraine
    Lieutenant-General Olexiy Olexiyovich RozumovskiyChief of Staff of Armaments of the Ministry of Defense, Deputy Chief of Armaments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Major-General Volodimir Mikhailovich SavostianovFirst Deputy Chief of Main Directorate of Intelligence, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Rear Admiral Michael R. ScottDeputy, Naval Reserve Aviation Plans and Policy United States Navy
    Major-General Volodimir Ivanovich ShariyChief of the National Scientific and Research Center for Military Technologies and Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Colonel Oleksander Ivanovich TarasenkoDeputy Chief of the General Staff Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
    Sergiy Ivanovich TeterukState Expert, Department of Military-Industrial and Military-Technical Policy, Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine
    Colonel Anatoliy Sergiyovich TkachukHead of Informational and Analytical Center, Assistant to the General Inspector, General Military Inspection Administration of the President of Ukraine
    Volodimir Bilavovich VagapovEditor-in-Chief of Ministry of Defense Journal Science and Defense Ministry of Defense
    Stacy ClossonCountry Director for Ukraine, Russian, Ukrainian, Eurasian Affairs Department of Defense
    Dan HartmannExecutive Agent Representative AB Technologies
    Lt. Col. Peter KiczaJr., Policy Officer, Military Cooperation, Plans and Policy Division Headquarters, Supreme Allied Command, Atlantic
    Major General Nicholas KrawciwUS Army, (Retired), Senior Military Representative to Ukraine, United States Department of Defense
    Lt. Col. Frank MorgeseUkraine Desk Officer, European Command
    Ed PuseyDeputy Assistant Secretary for Slavic States Department of Defense
    Lt. Col. Vince WisniewskiUkraine Desk Officer, Joint Staff Interpreters
    Mr. Oles BerezhnyInterpreter, Department of State
    Mr. Peter FedynskyInterpreter, Department of State
    Ms. Zoya HayukInterpreter, Department of State
    Volodimir Oleksiovich OstapenkoExpert at the Center of Strategic Planning and Analysis, Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine
    Sergei Volodimirovich YeriomenkoExpert at the Center of Strategic Planning and Analysis, Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine
    Ms. Marta ZielykInterpreter Division, Department of State

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