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    (November 25, 1999 - November 26, 1999)
    November 24Arrival
    November 25NATO Headquarter and welcome address. An Introduction to NATO
    Presentation and discussion on current NATO political Issues
    Presentation and discussion on the NATO - Ukraine Strategic Partnership
    Presentation and discussion on the situation in Kosovo
    Reception hosted by the Ambassador of Ukraine
    November 26Program and briefings followed by lunch hosted by SHAPE
    Visit NATO's 50th Anniversary exhibition
    November 27Departure
    Harvard University Harvard Ukrainian Security Program
    (November 29, 1999 - December 9, 1999)
    November 28Arrival
    November 29Program Overview. Speaker: Ernest May/ Nancy Huntington
    Presentation 'The US-Ukraine Relationship'. Speaker: Sherman W. Garnett
    Presentation 'The Global Strategic Environment'. Speaker: Samual Huntington
    Welcoming lunch. Speaker: Richard Hunt (University Marshall)
    Presentation 'Ukraine and Europe'. Speaker: Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Presentation 'Ukrainian National Security Priorities Ukrainian Presentations'. Speakers: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Sherman W. Garnett
    November 30Presentation 'European Security" NATO, PfP, OSCE'. Speaker: Richard A. Falkenrath
    Presentation 'Ukraine's Regional Security Challenges'. Speaker: Sherman W. Garnett
    Presentation 'Strategic Priorities in the Caspian Basin'. Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Kemp
    Presentation 'Ukraine and the US: Cultural Dimensions'. Speaker: Roman Szporluk
    December 1Presentation 'National Security Organization and Management'. Speaker: Ashton Carter and John P. White
    Presentation 'Defense Planning and Policy-Making Processes'. Speaker: Harvey M. Sapolsky
    Presentation 'The Ballistic Missile Defense Controversy'. Speaker: Steven Miller
    December 2Presentation 'The Evolution of Economic Reform'. Speaker: Dr. Marshall Goldman
    Presentation 'The Changing Global Economy'. Speaker: Dr. Richard Cooper
    Lunch Talk: Speaker Jeffrey Sachs (Presentation 'Economic Reform in Ukraine')
    Presentation 'Economic Challenges to National Security'. Speaker: Dr. Marshall Goldman, Discussant
    December 3Presentation 'The Revolution in Military Education'. Speaker: Richard Chilcoat
    Presentation 'Peacekeeping Systems'. Speaker: William L. Nash
    Presentation 'Policy Making in White House'. Speaker: Robert Blackwill
    December 4Presentation 'Executive Legislative Relations'. Speaker: David King
    Presentation 'Defense Budgeting'. Speaker: Cindy Williams
    Ukrainian Armed Forces Day Celebration
    December 5Visit to Cranes Beach
    Free time
    December 6Presentation 'The Uses of Intelligence in Policy Making'. Speaker: Ernest May
    Presentation 'Current Trends in Civil Military Relations'. Speaker: Dr. Michael Desch
    Lunch Talk: Dean Joseph Nye (Presentation 'Globalization and Governance')
    Presentation 'Information Technology and National Security'. Speaker: Jerry Mechling
    December 7Presentation 'Law Enforcement and National Security'. Speaker: Philip Heymann
    Presentation 'National Security Policy Making'. Speaker: Dr. Michael Desch
    Lunch Talk: Antony Lewis/Barry Posen (Presentation 'Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo'
    December 8Presentation 'Major Challenges to National Security'. All participants Departure
    Washington DC
    (December 9 - December 11)
    December 8Arrival
    December 9CINCLANTFLT Command Center Brief. Welcome: Rear Admiral Timothy LaFleur, USN, Deputy Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Brief: Captain G. Becker, USN, Head, OLF Fleet Afloat Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Branch
    December 10Arrive at White House: Met by Mr. John Tedstrom, National Security Council
    Briefing and Discussion with Mr. Tedstrom
    Hosted Lunch. Hosts: Dr. Edward Warner, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Threat Reduction and LTG Anderson, J-5
    Visit/Briefing at National Military Command Center (NMCC)
    Arrive at US Capitol: met by Ms. Tetiana Zhmazhenko (First Secretary, Ukrainian Embassy) and Ian Brzezinski
    Roundtable Discussion with Congressional Members and Professional Staff Members
    Tour of US Capitol
    December 11Departure
    The Third Ukrainian National Security Seminar Cosponsored by International Institute for Strategic Studies (London) and Harvard University's Ukrainian National Security Program (USA) London
    (December 14, 1998)
    December 12 Guided Tour of London
    Reception at the Ukrainian Embassy, Hosted by H.E. Ambassador VVassylenko
    December 13Meeting with Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Sir Charles Guthrie for three Head of Military Delegation from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova
    Opening Remarks. Speaker: John Chipman, Director IISS, Stephen Polland, Derector CEE, UK MOD
    Session One: European Security and Defense Policy: political-military aspects.
    Session Two: Strengthening European Military Capabilities. UK Speaker: Rupert Holderness, Deputy Director NATO and European Policy Group. Commentator: Terence Taylor, Assistant Director, Editor 'The Military Balance', IISS
    Lunch. Speaker: Oksana Antonenko, IISS
    Session Three: NATO, EU and their partners in Central and Eastern Europe: Enhancing Security Co-operation.
    Session Four: Political and Military Lessons from Kosovo operation. UK Speaker: Simon Marsh Head, Kosovo Review Team, UK MOD. Ukrainian Speaker: General Volodimir Shkidchenko, Chief of General Staff, First Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine
    Session Five: Non-proliferation and Arms Control: Future Agenda. UK Speaker: FCO (Director, Non-proliferation Department). Ukrainian Speaker: Col. Vytalyi Kozak, Head, Information and Analytical Department of the General Staff of Ukraine
    Closing Remarks. Terence Taylor, Assistant Director, IISS
    December 14Visit to Permanent Joint Force HQ (Northwood). The main staff HQ where all planning for UK participation in Kosovo operation was made. The visit includes briefings by PJHQ staff
    Visit to Army Resettlement Centre (Aldershot). This is the center where retiring military receive their re-training courses.
    December 15Departure


    PIROZHKOV, Sergei IvanovichHead of the Delegation, Director of the National Institute of Ukrainian-Russian Relations
    SHKIDCHENKO Volodimir PetrovichHead of the Military Delegation Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine
    BELOUSOV Mihailo MihailovichProfessor in the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of the Institute for International Relations of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University Doctor of Historical Sciences
    FURSENKO, Mikola IvanovichDeputy Head of the Main Department of Operation and Mobilization of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel
    GAIDUK, Mihailo PetrovichDeputy Head of the Main Department of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General
    GRISCHENKO, Volodimir PavlovichDeputy Head of the Central Scientific and Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Candidate in Military Sciences, Colonel
    KONONENKO, Konsantin AnatolievichMain Consultant of the Department of Political Analysis of Problems of International Security of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
    KOUBLITSKIY, Dmitro OlexandrovichDirector of the Europe XXI Foundation
    KOZAK, Vytalyi VasilyevichHead of the Information and Analytical Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel
    LITVAK, Oleh MikhailovichDeputy Head, Committee of the Supreme Rada on Issues of National Security and Defense
    LUGOVYI, Volodimir IlarionovichDean of the Ukrainian Academy of State Management under the President of Ukraine Academician of the Academy of Science of Higher Education, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences
    MALISHENKO, Vyacheslav MikolayovichDeputy Head of the Department of Defense, Mobilization and Law Enforcement of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    MITRAKHOVICH, Mihailo MihailovichHead of the Main Department of Planning, Development and Production of Armament and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Major General
    NEMIRIA, Hrigoriy MikhailovichDirector of the Center for European and International Studies
    PEREBINIS, Evgen PetrovichDeputy Head of the Main Department of Foreign Affairs of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine
    PERSHIN, Volodimir LeonidovichDeputy Minister, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    PYATYBRAT, Petro OpanasovichHead of the Main Department of Personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General
    SCHERBAN, Dmitri VolodimirovichDeputy Head of the Department of Direction of the Main Operations Department of the General Staff and Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel
    SOLONIKOV, Vladislav GrigorovichScientific Secretary of the Scientific Council of the National Scientific Research Center for Defense Technologies in Military Security of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences
    TOROPCHYN, Anatolyi YakovichFirst Deputy Commander of the Anti-Aerial Defense Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General
    TSIGANOV, Victor VasiliovichAssistant to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
    TSIKURENKO, Serhiy HrigorovichHead of the Crimean Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies
    TYUTYUNYK, Vadim PetrovichHead of Military Policy of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Major General
    VENGER, Valeriy SafronovichHead of Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General
    VLASYUK, Olexander StepanovichDeputy Director of the National Institute of Strategic Studies
    VYDRIN, Dmitro IgnatovichDirector of the Institute of European Integration 27. YASNYUK, Vladislav Ivanovich, Head of the NATO and WEU Section of the Department of Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
    ZHISHKO, Leonid VasylievichDeputy Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Education, Major General
    PITRSKHALAISHVILI, Johny MikhailovichChief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Georgia, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia, Lieutenant-General
    INUKIDZE, GuiviHead of Main Military Inspection under the President of Georgia Colonel
    BOLUN, PetruChief of the Department of Military Policy and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova, Colonel
    GUBOGLO, AnatolDeputy Minister of Defense of Moldova, Brigadier General
    COPELAND, Rear Admiral William W. Jr.Special Assistant to the Commander, Naval Air Forces, Atlantic, United States Navy
    COSTELLO, Rear Admiral Barry M.Director, Navy Senate Liaison, United States Navy
    DAVIES, Brigadier General William J.Director, U.S. European Command R Reserve Affairs, United States Army
    ELLIS, Brigadier General Edward R.Deputy Commander, 5 th Allied Tactical Air Force, United States Air Force
    ERES, Brigadier General ThomasSpecial Assistant to Jude Advocate, Army National Guard, California
    HUDLET, Brigadier General David R.Assistant and Adjutant General for Air Force, California National Guard
    WELSH, Brigadier General Mark A., IIICommander, 34th Training Wing, United States Air Force
    ERIOMENKO, Sergei
    GUBARENKO, Alexander
    USENKO, Vladimir
    BEREXHNY, Oles
    SAJEWICH, George
    SHEPEL, Alex
    BAULEKE, Lieutenant Colonel GaryUkraine Desk Officer, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for International Affairs
    BUCHHOLZ, Lieutenant Colonel HaraldUkraine Desk Officer, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate, Joint Staff, Department of Defense
    CLOSSON, STACYCountry Director for Ukraine Office of the Secretary of Defense
    DIDIUK, JohnPolitical Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Kyiv
    HUGHES, Colonel Robert W.Defense Attache, Embassy of the United States in Kyiv
    KRAWCIW, Major General Nicholas, USA, (Ret.)Special Advisor to the Secretary of Defense on Ukraine
    MORGESE, Lieutenant Colonel FrankUkrainian Desk Officer, Headquarters, US European Command
    NOWAK, Lieutenant Colonel HenryArmy Attache to Ukraine Designate

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